Supatracks - Mattracks track conversion systems for 4x4 vehicles

Supatracks are the only authorised LiteFoot track conversion dealer in the UK and Ireland.

Wherever you want to go with your Quad or UTV, LiteFoot track conversions will take you there and back. LiteFoot unbelievably low ground pressure means that any soft terrain is now no longer an obstacle. Side slopes and severe inclines can be traversed with greater safety and control and transmission damage dramatically reduced.

LiteFoot ATV track conversions - authorised dealer in the UK and Ireland

Adapter kits for all brands of ATV and UTV

Unlike manufacturer specific kits you can take these tracks with you if you change model or even brand of ATV or UTV in the future. Track conversions are 'our world' and we can supply exactly what you want rather than you having to take a restrictive product from the machine manufacturer.



We deliver LiteFoot track conversions throughout Europe including France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Italy all at very competitive prices.

Call on 0141 611 5010 or email for details.


LiteFoot track conversion key features

  • Available for all 4x4 ATVs and UTVs
  • Sand, mud, marsh, snow, heather, forest trails - no problem!!
  • The original quality track conversion that transforms your ATV or UTV into a 'go-anywhere' machine in less than 30 minutes
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Removal is just as easy with machine returned to wheeled operation for normal use
  • Capable of speeds up to 40mph on hard surfaces, minimal damage to soft ground
  • Reduces transmission damage when negotiating difficult terrain
  • Enhanced stability with lowered centre of gravity
  • Greater torque for climbing steep slopes
  • Easy to swap from machine to machine with wide range of adapters for all popular models of ATV and UTV


See Supatracks very own video showing LiteFoot track conversions in action.


Call Supatracks Limited on 0141 611 5010 or email for LiteFoot track conversion details.

Litefoot track conversion kits

Quad bike track conversions, off road quad tracks

6 x 6 bike track conversions, off road quad tracks

See videos of LiteFoot track conversions in action


All terrain rubber tracks by Litefoot               Litefoot UTV rubber quad tracks               Litefoot track conversion solutions from Supatracks 
Litefoot tracks go through snow               Litefoot UTV rubber quad tracks through water               Litefoot track conversion solutions from Supatracks, drive through mud easily 
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